Karon Snell reviewed Heartfelt by Heidi – 5 star

"Thank you Heidi. An amazing morning spent felting a hare! Excellent teacher.
Would very definitely recommend taking part in a workshop with Heidi"


Felting is my passion and I wish to share it with you!

I offer fun and informative Needle Felting workshops, make bespoke gifts and sell a variety of my favourite wools, kits and other felting bits!

Needle Felting is one of the most versatile crafts I know and has really taken off in recent years, here's why...

It is easy to learn  
It is relaxing and rewarding

There are no complicated patterns
The materials are very inexpensive
The equipment is small, light and po
There is no sewing needed
You can spend five minutes or five hours and pick up exactly where you left off
Anyone can do it...even if you are think
you are not artistic or good at crafts

You are only limited by your imagination.
But be warned... it is
 Highly Addictive!

What is needle felting?

Needle Felting is the action of repeatedly pushing a specialist barbed needle into dry wool/fleece, to tangle the fibres together.
The barbs on the needle catch the wool fibres and push them into one another, causing them to lock together. 

The more the action is repeated the more tangled fibres become, shrinking and firming the form. 

This can be added to and moulded into shapes, to create a sculptural object.

two felted pieces will ever be quite the same, with each one taking on a different character, dependant on the wool and method used.

At my workshops people are amazed and fascinated, how under the same instruction, all the pieces have their own personalities and charm, much like the people making them!