Hello, my name is Heidi, 

I live in Weston-super-Mare, Somerset in a little village called Uphill, just two mins walk to the sea. 

I have always loved crafts and making things beautiful...people included! I trained as a Hairdresser and Beautician and for years ran Pamper Parties for girls, with little craft projects being provided to amuse the girls while waiting their turn. 

I started felting in 2014,  after meeting a lovely lady at a craft fair, who was selling a selection of little felted animals. I was mesmerised by them, their individual characters and lovely tactile feel. I asked how they were made and although she tried to explain the process, I could not fathom the concept.
How could a single needle, a small foam pad and a
pile of wool, produce such wonderful little unique works of art?

I came home with one of her little creations, a Hare, and started researching the craft through various mediums. I bought myself a starter kit and some books and began making little creatures of my own.
I was thrilled at what I managed to achieve, finding Needle Felting to be the most relaxing and rewarding craft I have tried.

I started running workshops in 2016, as I was keen to share my passion for felting and build friendships with like minded individuals. I now have a regular following of lovely folk, who too have been enchanted by this simple, fun, relaxing and rewarding craft f

I also make and sell bespoke felt characters, gifts, kits and sell a selection of my favourite wools and felting items, for you to make your own felted creations at home.

Whether I am running a workshop or making a special gift, I always throw my heart and soul into it, the aim of giving you a positive, fun rewarding experience and ultimately putting a smile on your face!

All my pieces have a heart felted on them or carry a heart, sharing the Heartfelt ethos  

Happy Felting!
Heidi x